Monday, July 19, 2010

Profiles in Design: Meet Jennifer!

Design Profile: Meet Jennifer

Who are you, where are you from, etc.:
My name is Jennifer and I am a design intern at Laura U! While I am currently living in Houston, during the school year I go to Stephen F. Austin in Nacodoches. Next year I will graduate with a degree in interior design and art.

Who shares your address (dogs, babies, significant others):
My fiancée Kris and I have a house in Nacogdoches, we live there with our roommate KC and our 3 dogs.

Our dog Jake (the one wearing the tuxedo) is a lab mixed with an Australian cattle dog (we think). Kris picked him out at the shelter as a puppy.

Viewing Charlie sideways, is way more fun..... our oldest Charlie is a little Pomeranian. He is proof you can find bred dogs at the shelter! He is scared of thunder, lighting, and water bottles. He is very sweet and extremely loyal.

This is when we first got him; the poor little guy was naked.

He turned out to be quite handsome!

Our newest dog Petey (full name Peter Cottontail) was also a rescue. The shelter told us that he was wrapped in a trash bag and in a dumpster when they found him with a broken arm (who could do something like this??) He is the happiest of all our dogs, he jumps like a rabbit (hence the name) and can be a little terror at times, but he loves to cuddle and give kisses.

Prison Petey…just begging to be freed........ and yes! I do realize I am a crazy pet owner.

Favorite Restaurant:
This could be quite a long list I dare say. I love eating, I love going out to eat, I love eating and watching TV…you just can’t go wrong with it. No matter what you are doing if you add food it’s going to be fun. When it comes to Mexican food Casa Ole’ is numero uno. Then there is Chinese food, P.F. Changs wins this one and there is also a little hole in the wall place in Nacogdoches called Peking, which I just can’t get enough of.

Outside the office, you can find me:
Playing with my dogs, skyping the love of my life (who is currently in Wisconsin), planning my wedding, swimming at the pool (my number one favorite summer activity), or working on a nursery for my friend Ashley’s soon to be born baby!

Designer I'd like to meet:
Frank Lloyd Wright. He was an architect, an interior designer, a writer, and an educator. He did it all! He designed everything in his houses right down to the flatware. He was completely meticulous and super creative. Falling water is my all time favorite house. It’s contemporary, but still manages to fit in seamlessly with its natural surroundings.

Wish I had designed:
The Yellow Tree house restaurant in New Zealand, designed by Pacific Environments Architects Ltd. This is magnificent! I love trees and nature. I love bringing the outside inside. This structure encompasses all of that.

Even more beautiful at night.

I can always watch:
Friends or The Office - these shows will never stop making me laugh. No matter how many times I’ve seen an episode.

In the movie about my life, _______________ would play me because:
Kate Hudson, I just want to be her..... Kris also tells me I look like her and I pretend it’s true.

I own "WAY" too many:

SHOES: But I am with the school of thought that says I girl can't ever really have "too many" enough shoes.

My Guilty Pleasures:
I love to dress up. Halloween may have just beat out Sir Christmas as my very favorite holiday.

Lucky for me I found an amazing guy that loves to dress up with me!

Sometimes, we don’t even need Halloween as an excuse. This was for New Years.

And then sometimes I make my own costumes. This is me channeling Lady Gaga.

                                           My Motto: Life is just better in Costume.

If I wasn't A Designer, I'd:
Love to be a street performer in Honolulu. I would love to play all day at the beach and then go paint for people at night.  I also used to daydream about becoming a cake artist…I can’t get enough of those addicting cake shows. Ace of Cakes anyone?

Now if I could also find a job where I get to play with dogs all day…this would be ideal.

My perfect Day:
I wake up in a tree house in Australia. Kris and I have a delicious breakfast of biscuits and gravy. We then go swimming with dolphins and parasailing in the ocean. We eat a huge lunch of chicken sandwiches and pineapple. We spend the afternoon jumping into & off of waterfalls. That night, we get all dressed up and go shopping (with a million dollars that I find in the street) and then we eat the most delicious Chinese food I have ever had (Mexican food could also be supplemented here.......) The night will end with us falling asleep in a hammock swinging above the ocean gazing at the stars. now, that's what I call a Perfect Day!

That's it from Jennifer, stay tuned for our next Design Profile!


London said...

Wow! love the doggies and love yoru blog! Your work is phenominal!

Jaquelene said...

Came from Life Sunnyside Down -love your blog and how my, your designs are amazing!!