Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Profiles in Design: Meet Kellye

Next in our Profiles in Design series is Kellye, Junior Designer!

Profiles in Design: Meet Kellye......!

Who are you? and where are you from?
I am Kellye - Junior Designer at Laura U! I graduated from Texas State with a degree in Interior Design and a minor in Technology. I grew up in Houston, but I have also lived in San Antonio, Austin, and San Marcos. The parks in Austin are amazing, but Houston is still by far my favorite city!

Who shares your address? (dogs, cats, significant other)?:
I am currently dating the most amazing guy, Kyle and we have two German Shepherds - Sage and Braver (Braver means "good" in German) Sage is the big boy and Braver is the "little girl", who is really not a girl - go figure!!. We have had a blast designing and landscaping the new house together!

Favorite Restaurant:
My favorite restaurant is Marks; it used to be a church, which is pretty cool - the best American cuisine ever!! I love brunch, so my favorite brunch restaurant is Backstreet Cafe. I also could eat Sushi everyday for the rest of my life! (or Indian food!) - Taiko has the best Sushi!

Outside the office, you can find me:
Working on a new DIY project! Right now, I am repainting some chairs in a metallic color and reupholstering a chair!

                                Designer(s) I'd like to meet:
The set designers for Ligne Roset (furniture design company); they're photo shoots are amazing. I love so many images, it is really hard to pick one!

Wish I had Designed:
The Gardens at Loire Valley in France

Photo by ACM Photography

I Can Always Watch:
Cinderella! because she is able to talk with animals (my secret wish is to someday be like the dog whisperer). Plus, I have been told I can whistle like the birds… :)

In the movie about my life, ___________would play me because:
I think Mandy Moore would play me perfectly in a movie about my life. People have said we act alike, especially in the movie, “Because I Said So”.

I own too many:
Books! I love collecting books, old and new - I am just a book dork, seriously! I want to have a library full of anything I have read! I really wished the books that open up in the beginning of the old Disney movies were real.

Photo by Scott Frances

My Guilty Pleasures:
I love baking and I am always coming up with something new to create in the kitchen. My last experiment was wedding cakes! I loved baking and decorating them! But the only problem is that I tend to eat a ton of cake batter in the process - yummy!!

P.S. I Made This!!

If I wasn't a designer, I'd:
be a Graphic Designer  (I must admit - I would be designing). I think it would be a blast to design invitations!

OR I'd be the Dog Whisperer - I would love to train dogs - police dogs! (that’s why I own German Shepherds)

These are all my family dogs - I told you, The Dog Whisperer!

My Perfect Day!
Going on a walk with Kyle and the dogs through a really pretty neighborhood, eating brunch somewhere like Backstreet, complete with mimosas, hanging out by the pool and finishing the day off by going to dinner. Then out for dessert and cappuccino at another restaurant like Tony’s. (Hhhmmm… souffle is my favorite!!!)

Stay tuned while Kellye hosts our next design discussion.........

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