Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Exciting News at Laura U!

I am so thrilled that we were recognized at the TGCC ASID Awards in 3 categories! See below for the winning project photos. We are hard at work on our current projects and can't wait to enter our client's interiors in 2009!

Thanks so much to Randall Davis and Natalie Davis for having such a daring style and for working with us on their fabulous corporate offices!

Thanks a million to Rob Pearson for trusting us to create a sophisticated, professional-base for him in Houston!

Thanks to Jill Schlenker and Domitille McCulloch for being amazing cheerleaders for us!

Thanks to the fabulous Alton LaDay for his encouragement!

Thanks to DeeAnn Templeton for her unending support!

Thanks to Brooke Nesbit and Carrie Pool for all of their help!

Very special thanks to Michael Umansky (my very supportive yet neglected husband)!