Monday, March 22, 2010

Your Bachelor Pad!

So, you have finally decided to invest in your very own __________(fill in apartment, condo, home, loft, airstream, etc…). Congratulations! Now, how do you create a fabulous and functional interior for you, the single guy. How do you transform your drab space which is ubiquitously, if not regrettably, referred to as “The Bachelor Pad?” Here are three “to-dos”, three “do-not-dos”, and three “you-get-a-gold-star” tips!


· Invest in a large leather sofa in a dark, warm brown, possibly slightly distressed, with a track arm. *Do not, I repeat, do not buy a sofa with integral recliner or with cushiony arm pad cover things. Those are forbidden. Your sofa should be very comfortable for you, your buddies and the occasional “lady friend” to enjoy. Make sure your leather is stain-resistant. Edelman leather has a product that you can get anything out of (except sharpie marker… keep those out of the house)!

· Select artwork that compliments your style and space. This should be something you actually like as it will inevitably be a great conversation piece. They can range from an abstract painting you found in Italy to a photograph you took yourself. Please, have them tastefully framed in an understated way and arrange them neatly on the wall. Do not stagger your images as this can look confusing and amateur. If you have a set of three, line them up neatly and use a level.

· And, of course, you must have a flat panel TV across from your large leather sofa for gaming and watching sports. Make sure that the console you put below it is larger than the screen. You do not want this wall to feel top heavy. And just tell your “lady friend” you wouldn’t have a television at all but you just can’t miss all of your TiVO’d romantic comedies (P.S. You missed these while you were out volunteering/grocery shopping for your grandmother/cat sitting for your sister etc…). Call TJ at Audio Video Designs and he will fix you up!

Do-Not-Do! (*note - no images of these mishaps are provided because we have never done any of this and do not condone the veiwing of these items mentioned below.)

· Have too many colors and styles. Keep it intentional, simple and uncluttered. If you need help, please do not be afraid to ask. That’s what we’re here for!

· Grunge is no longer an accepted style – trust us, even though Eddie Vedder is still rockin’, the look went out in the 90s. Please keep your space clean for all to enjoy (or have a housekeeper keep you in check).

· Have action figures, cartoons or provocative mags lying around (you know the ones we mean). This is your chic retreat and you should begin to acquire nice cocktail table books and hard-bound literature, even if you don’t read it this week. Leather and rich-mahogany smell optional (but, just so you know, there is a candle for that!).


· Lighting is important in any room. Install dimmers on some of your light fixtures to set the mood (and save money on the electrical bill)!

· Live plants guys! A real live plant allows others to see that you are responsible, nurturing and have the ability to take care of other living things. Choose hearty varieties like English ivy or even the lowly ficus (in a fabulous planter of course) that have amazing survival skills and can live through nearly anything.

· Splurge on tactile items like your sheets, pillows and blankets or anything your body will touch. Put a comfy throw blanket on your sofa. Yes, it seems frilly, and, yes, you will use it!

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