Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Define your Distinct Design Style!

You walk into a space and you instantly know it is your style. What is it about the design of this particular interior that makes it distinctly you? Are you drawn to the soft, monochromatic palette; is it the clean-line construction of the furnishings; is it the rich and collected mix of accessories? Here are four distinct design styles and their traits – one may just be you!

Traditional Style: Warm wood tones set the stage for your look. Rich colors such as emerald green and aubergine are balanced by the softness of peach and tan. Florals, Damasks, and paisleys grace your draperies, bedding, and upholstery. Tassels, fringe and bullion abound! You source your fabulous furnishings from England or the French countryside. Gilded frames surround your favorite still-life and landscape which are gorgeously arranged in every well-appointed room. (Image courtesy NLMDesign)

Transitional Style: You are straightforward, timeless and sophisticated. You love a muted, monochromatic color palette of cream, taupe, and tan, contrasted by espresso wood tones. But your look is anything but bland! Sculptural occasional furnishings, textured fabrics and accents of bronze or pewter add interest to your serene space. Contemporary, clean-line furnishings ground your look and every worldly accessory has a home. (Marriner Home by Laura U - photo by Jill Hunter)

Contemporary Style: A bold, abstract painting is the center of your universe! Your color palette is grounded in black, white, gray or cream. From there you may choose a muted color scheme or you may venture into an attention grabbing composition of primary colors. This exciting style embraces large graphics in art, accessories and area carpets. Furnishings lack anything considered unnecessary (such as carving or fringe) and are sleek and always intentional. (Kreuer Home by Laura U - photo by Jill Hunter)

Eclectic Style: You are a master of the mix! Pairing a Louis XIV chair with a contemporary Lucite side table does not phase you. You love a rich, relaxed yet surprising interior that is never fussy and does not hurt for a conversation piece. A color palette of show-stopping hues, myriad metallics, and, more often than not, a base of black and white, creates a cozy space reminiscent of Les Puces. (Photo courtesy Doug Meyers)

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