Thursday, February 7, 2008

Design Dollars

Where can you get the most impact from your design dollars?

I have had this conversation quite a bit lately with local builders and homeowners. Should you spend your cash on your plumbing or should you devote your hard earned dollars to your tile? or is sprinkling a little bit of green on everything the best way to go?

I have found that putting your money into several high impact areas has the max effect. Here are the house parts that I like to focus on:

  • Fun with your foyer. This is the first contact everyone will have with your home. Invest in your front door and door hardware as this sets the tone for the rest of your interior. Fabulous lighting on your porch is a must.

  • Make your Master bathroom shine. I like to add special lighitng in this room. Interesting sconces or a sparkling chandelier are often unexpected and fun. Please use a gorgeous framed mirror instead of the wall-to-wall plate mirrors!

  • Kitchen is still king. A beautiful natural stone countertop is worth it. And a hood above your range can act as the centerpiece for your kitchen. Go to for ideas.

In general you can expect to lay out the most dollars on your tile and lighting for the maximum benefit. Plumbing fixtures are so much fun and can get easily out of hand. Allow plenty for your kitchen and master bath and save on your secondary bathrooms. Go for broke in your powder - this is such a special space as you can create a "jewel" in your home for a small amount.

Perhaps tomorrow will be dedicated to the art of the powder room...

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