Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Different Strokes

I have often been asked how to apply bold, rich color successfully. This is easily achieved by following these three rules:
  • combine colors that are in the same tonal range
  • use colors that compliment each other
  • save your bold colors for accent walls or interesting furniture pieces.

When selecting colors for your home, you should first evaluate your look. Do you tend to warm or cool tones. Are your colors more yellow and red or more blue and gray. It is best to keep warm and cool tones separate, although a burgundy wall can be amazing when trimmed in a very light gray (aren't there always exceptions!).

Two or three different colors combined in the same room result in a fab space. Start by identifying your “Accent” wall. This is usually the wall that your bed rests against or just an art niche in your dining room. The “Accent” will receive your boldest color and the rest of the room falls away in sedate “Field” color. Mix in a fun furniture piece in a punchy color and voila!

By painting a single wall in your "Accent" you are signaling that something special happens in that space. Place your favorite piece of art or a family portrait on this wall. Your "Accent" may also call out the entry to a special room in your home.

*photo from Western Interiors Feb 2008

What do your colors say in your home?

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